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[Essay/영작] (CM-068) Use of the infinitive with "See, Watch, Hear, Feel"
최고관리자  |  18-01-23 23:14
323. See + infinitive without "to"
(X) They saw him to leave the house.
(O) They saw him leave(or leaving) the house.

324. Watch + iinfinitive without "to"
(X) I watched the girls to play hockey.
(O) I watched the girls play(or playing) hockey.

325. Hear + infinitive without "to"
(X) We heard him to speak in English.
(O) We heard him speak(or speaking) in English.

326. Feel + infinitive without "to"
(X) I could feel her heart to beat.
(O) I could feel her heart beat(or beating).
Note: If the verbs "make, see, watch, hear, feel" are used in the passive"to" must be used.
eg) He was seen to leave the house. / He was heard to speak in English.