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[Essay/영작] (토플-004) Which is more important: experienced knowledge or book knowledge?
최고관리자  |  17-01-15 22:24
It has been said, 'Not everything that is learned is contained in books.'
Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books.
In your opinion, which source is more important? Why? 

Comparison Type: 경험으로 얻은 지식 vs 책에서 얻은 지식

주제문 -> There are two main channels for people to learn knowledge from books and from experience.
Generally, knowledge gained from books is theoretical, that gained from experience is practical.

뒷받침 문장 1 -> In our daily life, we can learn much information from practice. To learn swimming, it is useless
to be absorbed in reading skills written in books. Only when you learn it in a swimming pool, can you make it.

뒷받침 문장 2 -> Modern people also learn things in practice. In workshops, leading workers teach
apprentices carefully; in activity clubs, teachers teach youngsters to be familiar with their hobbies.

마무리 문장 -> Therefore, two kinds of knowledge has importance. For research people, knowledge from books
is more important, while for our average people, knowledge from practice is more important.