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[Essay/영작] (CM-046) omission of auxiliary do / preposition
최고관리자  |  16-11-17 16:28

137. Omission of auxiliary do when do is a principal verb
(X) Do pupils their work carefully?
(O) Do pupils do their work carefully?
In the correct form of the sentence, "the 1st do" means nothing on its own and only helps to make the question.
"The 2nd do" is the principal verb of the sentence, and has the meaning of perform.

138. Omission of the preposition indicating time

(X) I was born the third of December.
(O) I was born on the third of December.
As a rule, don't use a noun without a preposition to show the time of some action.
Note: Don't use a preposition with last year, next year, some day, one day, this afternoon, etc.

139. Omission of the preposition after the infinitive

(X) They've no houses to live.
(O) They've no houses to live in.
The infinitive of an intransitive verb (like live, etc.): it must have a preposition after it.