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[Headlines] (HL-사건/사고/법률) Free Speech - Is It Fine to Say Something Offensive?
최고관리자  |  16-10-19 08:06

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Last year, an American research group asked people in 38 countries for their opinions about free speech.
What the researchers discovered may surprise you. They found that people in the United States are the most accepting of free speech, even when the comments are critical of their own religious beliefs. The Pew Research Center completed the opinion survey. Its researchers said the findings are timely. They noted that some college officials are debating whether to set up “safe spaces,” or “trigger warnings,” so students can avoid discussions they might finding troubling. A safe place is a place where students can feel at ease discussing concerns without being judged or criticized. A trigger warning is when a teacher warns that a class discussion or reading might be troubling to some students.
* free speech = 언론의 자유/ accepting of ~ = ~를 쾌히 받아들이는/ critical of ~ = ~에 비판적인/ religious belief = 신앙, 종교적인 믿음/ opinion survey = 여론 조사/ timely = 시기적절한, 때맞춘/ set up = ~을 세우다[놓다]; (어떤 일이 있도록) 마련하다/ trigger = (반응・사건을 유발한) 계기[도화선]/ troubling = 걱정스러운, 괴롭히는, 실례가 되는/ at ease = 마음이 편안한/ concern = (특히 많은 사람들이 공유하는) 우려[걱정]/ judge = 재단하다(특히 남을 좋지 않게 봄을 나타냄) 

There has been debate in recent weeks about athletes who refuse to stand for the U.S. national anthem to protest racial injustice. Some Americans say athletes should be free to express their concerns about racial injustice. But others say everyone should show respect for the country’s national anthem. The Pew Research Center said its 2015 survey found that 71 percent of Americans said “people can say what they want.” Sixty-seven percent said that the media can report the news freely. Pew used its findings to create measures of free expression for all 38 nations it surveyed. It said the free expression index in the United States is 5.73. That was the highest among the 38 nations in the study. Pew said the 2nd highest index was Poland, at 5.66, followed by Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and Canada. All these countries have a free expression index of 5.0 or higher, it said. The lowest free expression indexes were in Senegal, at 2.06; Jordan, 2.52; Pakistan, 2.78; Burkina Faso, 2.94; and Vietnam, 2.96.
* athlete = (운동) 선수/ national anthem = 국가(國歌)/ racial injustice = 인종차별/ show respect for ~ = ~에 존경을 표하다