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[Essay/영작] (CM-013) guard against ~ / guilty of ~ / independent of ~
최고관리자  |  15-12-21 00:09

37. guard against ~ = ~이 생기지 않도록 조심[경계]하다
(X) You must guard from bad habits.
(O) You must guard against bad habits.

38. guilty of ~ = (~에) 유죄의
(X) He was found guilty for murder.
(O) He was found guilty of murder.

39. independent of ~ = (경제적으로) 자립할 수 있는
(X) Clare's independent from her parents.
(O) Clare's independent of her parents.
Note 1: We say dependent on: A child is dependent on its parents.
Note 2: (country) Papua New Guinea became independent from Australia in 1975.